Commercial Plumbing Company Grand Rapids

K&S Plumbing offers a full range of plumbing services for industrial and commercial buildings.

We are also trusted by over a dozen contractors for commercial plumbing and for being a team player. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which means you can depend on our excellent customer service.

Why Choose Our Grand Rapids Plumber?

While we’ve been in business since 1982, we stay relevant by using the latest technology. Our plumbing contractors know how to use CAD (computer-aided design) drawings for new construction, remodeling, and more. We’re more versatile than other plumbing companies because we’ve worked in office buildings, restaurants, malls, warehouses, dental practices, and other commercial buildings.

Count on us to provide quality service at competitive prices!

We use high grade pipes and fixtures for commercial plumbing to compensate for high daily usage. The plumbing system in your commercial building is more complicated than that in your home, which is why you’ll need to hire one of our local plumbers. Unlike other local plumbing companies, you can count on us to provide quality service at competitive prices. If you’re looking for affordable plumbing, look no further!

Does your commercial building have plumbing problems? The sooner you call a licensed plumber, the less chance you’ll have of needing a more expensive plumbing repair. To schedule an appointment with a Grand Rapids commercial plumber from K&S Plumbing, call (616) 698-6790.