Certified Backflow Testing Plumber Grand Rapids

A slight fluctuation in water pressure could be all it takes to contaminate potable (drinking) water if your backflow preventer doesn’t work. Fortunately, our plumbing contractors offer certified backflow testing so you can have peace of mind that your building’s drinking water is safe.

You’ll need a backflow preventer if your building has a large boiler, fire suppression system, or irrigation system. Likewise, a sprinkler backflow preventer stops dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants from back flowing into your building’s potable water piping.

If the backflow preventer detects a drop in your building’s water pressure, it’ll open the RPZ (reduced pressure zone) valve.

Certified Backflow Testing Grand Rapids

This backflow preventer valve releases potentially contaminated water so it doesn’t back up into the water supply. A backflow detector also protects your commercial building if there’s a drop in city water pressure after a water main break or hydrant flushing.

Our commercial plumbers are certified in backflow testing!

Our Grand Rapids commercial plumbing contractors work hard to earn your business by offering a range of plumbing services for your commercial building. To schedule certified backflow testing for your commercial plumbing system, call K&S Plumbing at (616) 698-6790.